Hi, I’m Lennart Klein a multidisciplinary
designer based in Bremen Germany. My work
negotiates sociocultural and functional
aspects of our society. In events, printed matter, objects
and sound I try to translate my observations,
analysis and research. In the past I have done that
by collaborating with numerous ventures
including: Bremen based paper Zeitschrift der Straße,1
Theater Bremen,2 contemporary art museum
Weserburg, SWK Stahnsdorf,3 Druckerpool and AID Program.
So, follow me or write to hi@lennartklein.com.©

Designed by –
Fabian Brunken
Jonas Bornhorst
Andrea Karch
Lennart Klein
Copyright 2014

Designed by –
Lennart Klein
Carolin Pertsch
Copyright 2013

Designed by –
Nadine Ahlers
Lennart Klein
Julia Meuter
Nina Sieverding
Copyright 2017